Tsunami Early Warning

The Malaysian National Tsunami Early Warning System ( MNTEWS ) is a tsunami early warning system that is responsible for the national tsunami prediction and the warning of coastal residents in the vulnerable regions of Malaysia.

As a matter of principle, the MNTEWS is a similar early warning system , as the PTWC . A distributed network of seismometers is used to record an occurring quake and determine the strength (see the rule scale ) as well as the position of the quake. If the earthquake results after the evaluation as seaquakes , measurements of the wave movements, changes in sea level as well as pressure changes are used to determine whether the quake has triggered a tsunami. If, after the evaluation of the measurement data, the tsunami is created, a warning is issued for the endangered areas.

The MNTEWS consists of the three main components:

Monitoring and Detection
Data processing
Data dissemination
A warning is currently issued (2011) within 12 minutes of the occurrence of an earthquake. For 2012 the shortening of the alarm time was announced to 10 minutes.