ATSB®, a wholly owned company by the Malaysian government under the Minister of Finance Inc. supervised by Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change with the mandate primarily to develop space and satellites technology focusing in research and development employing advanced and innovative technologies for the space industry. Perpetual effort with synergy from partners both locally and abroad for commercialisation pursued with unique selling proposition to gain competitive advantage that provides value-added applications for our customers globally. ATSB® aspires to be at the forefront of space and related technology development whilst creating value for the advancement of society.

ATSB® has successfully developed and launched two remote sensing satellites for Malaysia i.e. TiungSAT-1 on 26 September 2000 and the latest was RazakSAT® as the world 1st remote sensing satellite launched in the Near Equatorial Orbit (NEqO) on 14 July 2009 using the Falcon 1 launch vehicle. The Launch, Early Operation Phase (LEOP) and In-orbit Commissioning commenced immediately from the orbital insertion of the RazakSAT® into the NEqO. Over 12800 km x 20 km of image scene was taken by the RazakSAT® Medium Aperture Camera Payload. The first image recorded on 20 July 2009 and managed to capture a total of 1328 images of which 300 images meant for research by various educational institutions in Malaysia. Numerous technical initiatives were made to improve the image pointing has significantly reduced from the initial 37km to 2.3km. With foundation build of over 20 years experience in satellite technology research and development, ATSB® remain as the pioneer and sole satellite manufacturer in the country. ATSB® has created local expertise to design, manufacture, test and operate space systems. ATSB® has the capability of providing a complete range of solutions either customised design and missions or utilising existing platforms which have been tested and qualified suitable for educational and national level programmes with the range between 10kg-500kg platforms available to suit customer requirement and needs. The experience acquired has created a pool of expertise for ATSB® to be able to provide training and consultancy in complex space and challenging engineering solutions. We offer comprehensive project consultancy and management including technical and legal services.

As a one stop centre, ATSB® has extensive experience in satellite design and development with specific technologies for Structures, Thermal, Communications, Orbital Dynamics, Optical, Attitude Determination and Control Systems, Embedded Onboard Computer Systems, Electro Optics and Flight Software. Acclaimed as a Satellite Innovation Centre, ATSB® Assembly and Integration facilities for satellite and payload include a state of the art class 10,000 plus Clean-room for optical payloads with three storey class of 100,000 plus clean-room – one of the most operational satellite integration facilities in South East Asia. The facilities equipped for thermal, electromagnetic compatibility, vacuum and calibration tests. We are proud to have been entrusted with the capability and capacity in managing the task of Malaysian astronaut scientific experiments and the logistics of the successful Angkasawan programme. As a spin-off technology derived from the knowledge and technologies garnered through our space and satellite programmes have enabled ATSB® to secure many high profile national level projects to venture into related technologies for Malaysia such as the National Tsunami Early Warning Systems, Differential Global Navigation Satellite System, Environmental Radiation Monitoring System and Robotic Telescope. ATSB® clients in Malaysia include the National Space Agency (ANGKASA), Agency Remote Sensing Malaysia, Malaysian Meteorological Department and Atomic Energy Licensing Board and various organisations that are involved in high technology sector. Our international customers include NASA (USA), SOHLA (Japan), SUNSPACE (South Africa) and Stuttgart University (Germany). The future of space technology and its application will be a significant benefit to the human kind. At ATSB® we Imagine, Inspire, Innovate in everything we do.


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