ATSB® Strategic Objectives & Values


ATSB® Strategic Objectives

  • To generate returns through provision of value added services and products to customers.
  • To lead in research and development of cutting-edge space and related technologies
  • To leverage strengths into new product and services
  • To achieve operational excellence in delivering products and services
  • To develop and maintain smart partnerships
  • To create expertise in the field of space engineering and allied technologies
  • To attract, development and retain the right human capital


Company Values

To achieve our vision and mission and to fulfill our objectives, we are guided by the following core values: -


We act as a team, with honesty and trustworthiness. We honour our commitment and ensure quality in what we deliver.

We are a visionary team. We propagate the sharing of information to increase knowledge, skills and wisdom.

We are loyal and faithful to our country, our religion and our beliefs. We play our role to improve the quality of life in the society we live in.

We treat people, country, laws, the environment and creatures we work with and encounter, with dignity and ensure that we safeguard their rights.

We pursue our objectives with intense dedication, focus and discipline in order to ensure purposeful execution.