Message from ATSB® CEO

As the pioneer of the small satellite business in Malaysia, ATSB® is forging its way ahead to realise its vision of being a global player in space and space-related technologies. Commitment, discipline and successful strategic collaborations and joint ventures with local and international partners are instrumental in accomplishing our goals.

We are a young and small company when compared with the international giants of the space industry. However, being small, we have the important advantage of being agile, able to act with speed and having open channels of communication within the company. We are also proud to have a team of personnel who are innovative, passionate and focused to excel.

I believe that with Malaysia's blueprint for space in place and with the various high-profile projects we  are currently undertaking,  we are now poised to herald a new era in space-related technologies in Malaysia.

I invite you to join us, and together we can make our vision of a future that will be proud of, a reality.


Dato' Dr. Ahmad Sabirin Arshad
Chief Executive Officer